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Christine – CMHA Crisis Worker Shares Her Story

Cambridge, Ontario


Christine Hillis became a crisis worker at CMHA Oxford Country after completing her student placement there. She is an effective crisis worker because she has experience with her own mental health issues.

“I openly share about Christine Hillismy experience with bipolar disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual assault, and self-harm/suicidal thoughts.”


CMHA has been incredibly supportive in helping me share my story.”

Christine uses her own experiences to start the conversation about mental health issues – through her Seeing Through the Label initiative. This initiative includes a website, a blog, live speaking events, videos and a book. Through this multimedia approach, Christine is able to talk about her own mental health journey and her experience as a mental health professional. These experiences allow her to demonstrate the impacts of mental health, as well as various methods of managing mental health issues.

“Through Seeing Through the Label, I encourage open dialogue on mental health by sharing my story through my book, blogs, videos, and talks.”