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Mental Health Superhero Alicia Battles Mental Illness

Toronto, Ontario


Alicia has battled serious bouts of anxiety and depression, with a suicide attempt at the age of 13. Since then, she has been a mental health advocate and has been called a “mental health superhero.” She moved to the University of Waterloo where she received help with her mental health issues and went on to help others living with mental illness.

CMHA empowered me to learn more about mental health options available to me and my rights as a person with lived experience.”


By the age of 25, Alicia had a degree, had given a TEDx talk aalicia-raimundobout being a mental health superhero and was named one of 2012 “faces of mental illness.”

At the beginning of my advocacy journey in Waterloo, they [CMHA Waterloo] empowered me to think differently about my journey and share those messages of resiliency and hope with audiences.”

Alicia also spoke at the UN’s International Youth Day and is the Canadian ambassador for the Young Health Program. She has also published a children’s mental health book and holds positions in more than six mental health organizations. One of these positions is with CMHA as a member of the National Council of Persons with Lived Experience.

Now, CMHA Toronto helps me to continue to improve myself and educate myself on options for help as well as being an amazing community partner for innovative projects. CMHA Ontario … inspired me to understand, use and change policy to promote stigma free post-secondary campuses across Ontario.”

Alicia works with government, businesses, non-profit organizations, youth, and policy makers to make the world a more mentally healthy place. She has given more than 600 speeches focused on mental health, suicide and creating a better, healthier world. And sometimes, she gives these messages hanging upside down as a circus performer.

In her TEDx talk, Alicia urges all of us to become an intentional mental health superhero.