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Ryan Takes Action – Action in Recovery

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Ryan is living with ADHD, depression and anxiety. He struggled for 28 years without a diagnosis. In that time, he lost his house, his career and a significant other. Ryan began working in a restaurant and was promoted to manager when he started having anxiety. He was finally diagnosed and was able to seek treatment. Since his diagnosis, Ryan went back to school and is working towards a degree in engineering.

Ryan Dion 3Ryan has been working towards his recovery by participating in CMHA Winnipeg’s Rehabilitation and Recovery workshop series. This service helped Ryan recognize aspects of his illness and cope with many difficult things in his life, including the stigma of his mental health issues.


While working on his own recovery, Ryan wanted to help others. He began a goal-focused support group, Action in Recovery, which he also runs.

“There is a big emphasis on staying positive and celebrating achievements…. The group is immersive. It creates an experience where people can continually … rely on each other, and feel like they’re not alone. The big thing is to make sure an intention is set and positivity and making goals is focused on.”[1]

In 2014, Ryan won the Hero of Mental Health award for his support group, Action in Recovery. He was also named the 60th most fascinating Manitoban on local radio personality Ace Burpee’s annual list.