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CMHA’s in-house Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisors help organizations build actionable plans to improve psychological health and safety, and implement the National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety (“The Standard”). [hyperlink to:]

Readiness Assessment

A series of initial consultations with a certified Advisor from CMHA to assess the readiness of your organization to implement The Standard. This could include meeting with key leadership, reviewing high level organizational metrics, and examining policies and procedures that impact mental health in the workplace.

Organizational Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of your workplace, including input from staff at all levels to identify psychosocial factors impacting the psychological health and safety of employees. This includes a Readiness Assessment as well as in-depth discussion with targeted groups such as managers, front-line staff, or unions. The goals of this assessment include identifying problem areas within your organization, highlighting existing strengths within your workplace, and developing a tailored implementation plan.

Implementation Support

Ongoing support to implement recommendations and enact meaningful change in your workplace for as long as you need it. Our Advisors can work with you on everything from employee engagement to policy revisions and strategic planning.