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Introduction to CMHA Quarterly Newsletter

May 11, 2017

Welcome – rather, welcome back!

CMHA Quarterly is our new main newsletter, providing our subscribers with the latest news and previews of latest programs, events, and initiatives. We had a successful run for some time, but had to shelve the newsletter until recently. At long last, we’re back to our quarterly schedule – and just in time for CMHA Mental Health Week!

View and sign up to the first issue here!

For 66 years, CMHA Mental Health Week has raised awareness and encouraged all Canadians to reflect on their own attitudes and take action for positive mental health. In recent years, CMHA Mental Health Week has adopted the slogan “GET LOUD for Mental Health” to facilitate an open discussion on mental health and our attitudes towards mental health. Different topics related to the field are addressed each year, and this year’s CMHA Mental Health Week campaign will be “Sick of Waiting: Get Loud for Mental Health.” “Sick of Waiting” will not only bring to light the issue of waiting long periods of time for timely and accessible care but also the wait for respect, esteem, and better treatment in society.

Our inaugural issue will touch on these themes with a special post from our writing staff and an exclusive interview with singer-songwriter Rob Murphy about his song “300 Days.”

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