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It’s Mental Health Week! May 5-11, 2014
Tell Us How You Really Feel

March 25, 2014

By defining “Phine” as, “saying you’re fine when you are not,” CMHA’s aim is to start a conversation with Canadians across the country and encourage them to talk about their mental health – as they would about their physical health – be honest and share with others how they really feel.

CMHA is conducting a live poll all this week on the MHW website and will track how many Canadians are truly fine or just saying they are “phine.

“Too often people claim to be feeling fine when they do not feel fine. Many may be experiencing poor mental health, but do not want to talk about it or seek support because of the discrimination and stigma associated with mental health problems.”  says Peter Coleridge, National CEO, CMHA.

Approximately 7 million Canadians – 20 per cent of the population – live with mental illness.

CMHA has been a champion for mental health since 1918 and has played an important role in improving people’s understanding of mental health and mental illness. CMHA introduced Mental Health Week (MHW) in 1951 to raise awareness of mental illness in Canada. MHW today offers people practical ways to maintain and improve their mental health and support their recovery from mental illness.

This year, CMHA is focusing on increasing awareness of women’s mental health and mental illness by providing information, resources and the practical strategies and advice required to address women’s mental health issues.

A list of CMHA’s women’s mental health programs and services across Canada can be found on CMHA’s MHW website.

Every year, CMHA’s community locations host local Mental Health Week events that offer Canadians information, resources and practical ways to stay mentally and physically healthy. CMHA locations across Canada organize seminars, host open houses, set up community information booths, and hold film screenings, art shows, lunch and learns, conferences, and walks and runs in support of Mental Health Week.

Community events and activities listings can be found on CMHA’s MHW website.

This year’s Mental Health Week is generously supported by Medicine Shoppe Canada, Janssen Inc., The Co-operators, CGI, Home Trust Company, and Eli Lilly.

For more information on how to maintain your mental health, to find Mental Health Week events and activities in your community, or to donate to CMHA, go to CMHA’s MHW website.

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