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MHWeek Sponsor – The Medicine Shoppe

May 5, 2017

Since 2013 the Medicine Shoppe has been a proud supporter of CMHA’s causes.

This year marks the 66th CMHA Mental Health Week. Now a Canadian tradition, CMHA Mental Health Week was first introduced in 1951 to raise mental health awareness. For 99 years, the Canadian Mental Health Association has advocated for the rights of people living with mental health problems or illnesses. The Medicine Shoppe is a national chain of patient-focused pharmacies that specializes in personalized, patient focused services such as blood pressure monitoring, weight management support, and immunizations.

Many Medicine Shoppe pharmacies specialize in servicing mental health needs, and overall the organization understands that being mentally healthy is as important as being physically healthy Medicine Shoppe pharmacists can play an important role in helping manage your well-being and can assist with medical questions, private consultations, managing side effects, and screening for drug interactions.

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