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MHWeek Sponsor – Pearson Canada

May 5, 2017

Pearson Canada is our nation’s leading learning company.

This year marks the 66th CMHA Mental Health Week. Now a Canadian tradition, CMHA Mental Health Week was first introduced in 1951 to raise mental health awareness. For 99 years, the Canadian Mental Health Association has advocated for the rights of people living with mental health problems or illnesses. CMHA understands that one of the key problems faced when addressing mental health problems or illnesses is that there are many misconceptions about them, which is why a partnership with Pearson Canada is so important.

Originally beginning as an English building contracting firm in the 1800s, Pearson has gone on to become an education company that examines new ways to promote learning and educate people around the world. In addition to other resources, Pearson Education provides up-to-date information on mental health problems and illnesses, and links people to resources where they can learn more about mental health. CMHA is proud to be partnering with Pearson Canada and sharing their messaging on the importance of educating the public on mental health problems.

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