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Home Care and Mental Health: From Policy to Action

January 31, 2006

In Toronto on January 29th – 31st, 2006, the CMHA National, the Canadian Association for Community Care and the Canadian Home Care Association, held a Policy Forum on Home Care and Mental Health.  This Forum brought together key stakeholders from governments, service providers, consumers of mental health services, families, health professionals and community-based organizations for discussions that will advance the policy agenda for mental health home care.

By December 2006, provincial and territorial health ministers were required to present a report to First Ministers on implementation steps in the ten-year plan for mental health home care. This Policy Forum enabled participants to engage in a collaborative, constructive conversation by examining directions and priorities for action.

The goals of the project were to:

  • engage key policy makers from home care and mental health sectors in dialogue with voluntary sector stakeholder representatives;
  • build a foundation for policy to support effective mental health home care that is integrated within a comprehensive continuum of mental health services;
  • build sustainable networks and connections amongst policy makers as well as between policy makers and voluntary sector stakeholders from across the country in order to create a foundation for policy collaboration, present and future; and
  • develop clear ideas and direction for implementation of recommendation(s) on acute community mental health home care

The Forum was well attended with almost 50 participants from across the country. There was excellent representation from all stakeholder groups.

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