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Home Care and Mental Health: Web Discussion Analysis

April 30, 2005

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), National Office hosted a web discussion throughout March and April 2005 to promote a dialogue on mental health and home care: key issues and policy implications. The web discussion touched on many of the important elements to be considered in developing mental health and home care policies.

Funded by Health Canada, the Home Care and Mental Health web discussion was designed to meet Health Canada’s request for policy advice on home care and mental health. Topics discussed included access to home care by people with mental illness, assessing consumer needs for home based service, the role of informal/family caregivers and consumers in service provision, cost-effectiveness of home care for people with a mental illness, accountability and outcome measures, and health human resources in home care for people with a mental illness.

The web discussion drew out a number of stories and personal experiences. Analysis of the discussions emphasized some of the points that are already on the policy agenda, including the need for a continuum of services, the problems of stigma, and the need for ongoing dialogue and planning in both mental health and home care sectors.

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